Achieve Your Medical Research Goals

Health research consulting to help you design your clinical study, get the correct results and complete your research project on time

Do you have the time and tools to conduct your medical research?

Designing and conducting clinical studies is challenging. It’s frustrating if your research output and quality don’t meet your ambitions.

You want answers to your important clinical research questions. But with your busy job you don’t have the time to acquire and apply all the specific skills needed to accomplish your research goals.

In over 15 years as an academic I’ve helped dozens of researchers just like you get their studies designed, analysed and published in scientific journals.

Together we can take the right steps on the journey to successful completion of your projects.

The Talus Difference

Runner ready to start illustrating quick turnaround of medical research consulting

Quick turnaround

Our collaboration can take off immediately, without a complicated contract process, so you’ll get your questions answered in no time.

Doctors in clinical setting illustrating clinical relevance of medical research consulting

Clinical relevance

With dual training in medicine and epidemiology, I understand the complexity of clinical practice. I'll make sure your research is relevant in practice.

Tailor tools illustrating research consulting solutions

Tailored solution

Whatever your needs, you get expert support at each step along the research journey, from conception to analysis and write-up. No job is too small for Talus.

how it works

Walking The Research Journey

I can help you through 4 easy steps

2. Share your ideas with me - a concept, protocol or data

3. I’ll do the hard work for you

4. Get your research question answered

Clinical researchers discussing study results

Why accept delays in your medical research projects?

Projects that may not be of the quality standards you expect from yourself?

Your clinical research questions are important – so let’s study them validly and reliably!

Through this process you’ll not only know the answers – you’ll also gain the respect of the medical research community.

Here’s what clients are saying about Talus Research Consulting.

I'm here to help. Let's talk about your next project.

Talus offers you

Quick results

All medical fields

Customised solutions

Over 15 years of experience in clinical research

Clear communication of results

Secure data transfer

Study conception, design and statistical analysis

Medical editing and proof reading

Preparation of scientific presentations

Have questions? I've got answers.

Yes, absolutely. My job is to help you move your project forward. So if you’re stuck and just need an hour of my help to take that next step, then that’s perfect. Remember, no job is too small for Talus.

With my medical background I will definitely understand the clinical setting of your research. In fact, the main credo of Talus is to always keep your research grounded in daily clinical practice. But as an epidemiologist I also understand the statisticians’ language and am highly skilled at working at the interface between clinical and statistical disciplines.

It’s great that you want to conduct your research on your own. I still believe that Talus can help you, be it by discussing conceptual questions in the design phase, planning the appropriate statistical analyses, or by getting your project across the line when writing up a manuscript. Never forget that a well-planned study helps avoid unnecessary delays and increases the chance of a successful publication in the end.

Talus is small and agile. No complicated contracting processes are required when you work with me. All we need is a short work agreement outlining the scope of my services, and off we go!

Talus is fiercely independent and has no conflicts of interest. When I work with industry partners, I do so in the capacity of an independent research advisor.

No sorry, Talus doesn’t have the personnel and infrastructure to conduct such large trials. Talus specialises in observational studies. But I can certainly connect you with institutions, both academic trial units and private contract research organisations, that can help you.

Sorry, but I don’t give discounts for authorships. My job is to support your research in the background, so you get to enjoy all the limelight when your work is published. I offer discounts in special circumstances, e.g. for young researchers with limited funds.

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